Monday, May 16, 2016

Tuxedos With Name Tags

Date:  Sunday, May 15, 2016.
Time elapsed between dream and writing it out:  About 14-ish hours.
Real people included besides me:  None.
Real locations:  None.


This was a relatively short dream, that I had forgotten about until something triggered the memory of it and then I remembered it instantly and fairly clearly so I figured I'd add it here.

I entered a store in a fancy part of town. It felt like Dallas, but a really nice and recently built part of Dallas. The doors were large panes of glass, and the walls were mostly glass if not all. It had a very upscale feel to it, with scarcely stocked glass shelves. I was wearing shorts and probably a T-shirt and flip flops, standard dress code for me, so why I was there can only be one thing of course: dream logic.

I believe I was looking for shoes. The reason for that is probably because I really was looking for shoes about a month ago. However, everything I saw on the shelves were for women. High heels and the like. There were also other items, of which I seem to recall scarves and maybe purses. Assuming I was just in the women's department, I kept walking along to the next section of store, but only found more of the same. I kept on moving along to the other back corner of the store. Still, similar women's products were everywhere I looked. Finally realizing that it was clearly a women's store, I decided to leave so I started toward the exit.

I saw a tall, husky man near the exit door, dressed very nicely with well-groomed short hair and clean-shaven face. As I remember it now, he wasn't even wearing a suit and tie, but a tuxedo. Upscale to the max.

I remember thinking "oh no, he's gonna ask to assist me" - because I'm the type who would rather be left alone in a store, and if I absolutely have a question, then I will ask. Instead, as I approached the exit, I see him notice me about to leave empty-handed. He opened his mouth to give me the usual, "Can I help you find anything, sir?" but I saw him catch himself and then casually whisper to me, "Your fly is open," in a genuine trying-to-be-helpful manner.

It wasn't a big deal as I wouldn't be super-embarrassed by such a thing in real life. I think I simply said, "Oh ok," in an appreciative tone, especially since he was being so nice to let me know without drawing attention to it. So I redirected my path (for unknown reasons) back toward the original corner of the store that I first searched, and stealthily corrected the situation.

I don't remember anything else, so I believe I woke up soon after. I know I was wearing black shorts, because my putting on those shorts earlier today is what triggered the memory!

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