Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hotel Parking and Hard Snowballs

Date:  Tuesday, April 26, 2016.
Time elapsed between dream and writing it out:  About 5.5 hours.
Real people included besides me:  Jason (brother), Megan (sister-in-law).
Real locations:  None that I know of.


I cannot remember where this one started out, but it *kinda* feels like it's somehow connected to another dream I had not to long ago which turned out to be a bit of a recurring dream. In that one, I remember parking in a big lot and walking into a shopping mall (but not a real one). I remember making my way up at least one floor via escalator, maybe two. And I get to this one open section of shopping space, which is just clothing from what I recall. I think I was looking for something very specific, because I remember checking the barcodes on the product to try to find it... and I think they were socks haha. The weird part is I'm pretty sure they were colorful women's socks, and I think I was getting them for my sister. I'm pretty sure I had a sequel to this dream too, but I don't remember much else other than going BACK to the same mall, and this time knowing where to go to once again search for these apparently special socks. I also think I saw Berna there in the original dream, a lady I worked with. I remember being disappointed in not finding them, and making my way back out of the mall. There were more details of course, but that's the main parts I recall now.

The reason I mention it here, is because this dream today felt somehow connected to that one. I don't remember anything specific now, but it seems like my brain subconsciously knows something I don't that tells me that I drove from that shopping mall in that dream and began this dream where I park at a hotel. Actually come to think of it, I think I parked in the same big, nice lot for the shopping center but instead came over here to this hotel. So it's just that same parking lot that makes an appearance in this dream, but intriguing nonetheless.

This hotel I'm thinking is about five stories tall, and I believe I got a room on maybe the 3rd floor. I remember being tired even in the dream, and in real life it was a restless night, one of those I woke up too often and was extremely groggy every time. Even in the dream, I was just trying to get some rest. But my mind wasn't working properly, and I felt preoccupied - which is probably because in real life, I had some important stuff I needed to get up early to get to, and just had that feeling of too much to do with not enough time and I wasn't going to get enough sleep. In the dream, I kept realizing things that I forgot to do, and just struggled to get settled in. At some point, I walked out of my room (I do not remember the room at all by the way) and onto the open walkway outside... the hotel had the rooms to the outside of the building, and an open square (er, rectangle) area with maybe a small park (grass, trees, etc) on the ground floor, and concrete sidewalks wrapped around the "park" to give access to the ground floor rooms. Each subsequent floor up had a concrete walkway directly above the one below, with a concrete railing to overlook the "park". The park was uncovered, and one end of the hotel (to my right as I exited my room) had a more elaborate design to it, one that I don't remember specifically and probably couldn't explain if I did. Each of the floors at that end though had different floor plans than the others, and essentially I think the lower floors had more square feet of concrete walkway, and the higher up ones had less and less to where if you were on say the 2nd floor, you could walk out far enough to an uncovered portion and see the sky. Same with any floor as it was designed.

I came out of my room and to the railing in front of me and looked out. I don't remember exactly when it happened, but suddenly I had a startling realization that I didn't park where I was supposed to park for the hotel (again I think I was at the shopping mall parking) and that my car may be towed. In a panic, I start scrambling to get my keys and whatever else I needed (it was a dream so I'm sure it didn't make sense) to go make sure my car was still there. I remember being confused as to the building's layout, and panicking to find an elevator or something to get down. In the midst of this confusion, I either look down and see my brother Jason, or he happened to see me walking around and called up to me from the ground. I was already confused, so now I'm super-confused. Perplexed, even. I do recall thinking "he can't be here, he's in Hawaii" - which would suggest my hotel/shopping mall location is not, but again it's hard to say for sure. I was kinda glad to see him, and it seemed to distract me almost completely from my task of making sure my car is okay. At the same time, I was completely lost as to what was going on haha. Jason is yelling something to me, and soon I find out it has to do with snowballs. He's saying there are really hard snowballs on the ground, really mostly ice. This of course doesn't make sense whether I'm here in Texas or there in Hawaii. Then he throws one up toward me, really hard and it almost hits me. I find it and a couple others on the ground and pick them up, and indeed they are really hard snowballs. So I do the only logical thing I could do, and throw one back down at him. He threw a couple more at me, and so on. I look further out toward the street, and see Megan standing there, also picking up snowballs. She waves and excitedly says something about the cool snowballs. She moves in closer and starts to participate in the seriously dangerous snowball fight.

And that's all I remember.

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