Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gunhands and the School Heist

Date:  Thursday, January 14, 2016.
Time elapsed between dream and writing it out:  About 24 hours.
Real people included besides me:  Josh (friend).
Real locations:  House I grew up in, Cedar Hill, TX.


It all started in a school, but not a specific one I remember.  The first thing I remember is being in a classroom, with three pairs of people forming a circle, facing each other.  I'm thinking some stuff happened to lead up to this, but if so I don't remember it at all.  The first two pairs were completely random people I don't know.  The last pair was me and a friend of mine named Josh.  The oddest part of the dream to me is that although I would say Josh is a friend, we're probably more along the lines of acquaintances, or friend of friends.  Never hung out without a mutual friend, and only had one thing in common that I know of:  We both used to be into WWE wrestling.

The classroom was empty except for the six people and a bunch of neat rows of desks.  As I mentioned, we were all paired off, so here we go:  Each of us were holding out our hands in the shapes of various guns, but it felt like they were real guns, not like we were just playing or pretending.  For example I had both my hands back to back to form some sort of superior automatic rifle, while I don't believe anybody else had anything past a handgun or maybe two (cowboy style). This was good of course, because the pairs were having a standoff of sorts, circling around each other and this gave my pair the advantage.  Josh and I acknowledged to the others that we had them beat so they should just move along, and eventually the other pairs did back down, with one of them leaving the room first followed a short time later by the other. "Yeah, get out of here," we said, basking in victory. We were pretty excessively happy, which makes more sense in the second part of the dream...

As far as I remember, the dream skipped ahead to this next part, which takes place in one of my childhood homes in Cedar Hill, Texas.  We apparently earned (or stole) a significant sum of money in the ordeal, because we were both in my house and ecstatic.  Did we "hold up" the school?  I don't know, but dream logic...

We were in really good moods like we accomplished something substantial, and had a lot of cash to show for it (though I don't even remember ever actually seeing any money, or anything else happening in the school). We weren't doing much, just sitting around on the couch, watching TV and I think discussing what had just transpired. I do feel like there was more details here that I just don't recall anymore, but I guess that means it wasn't important haha.

Suddenly though, there was a knock on the front door. I went over to answer it, as it was "my" house. It was two Italian guys, straight from a typical Mafia movie - one bigger guy who probably at least resembled an actor that has portrayed the role before (Vincent Pastore is probably the closest), and a taller, skinnier guy. I did originally remember how exactly the conversation went when I first woke up, but now sadly I don't.  I wish I did because I do feel like it was fairly important to the story.  I do know that I made a wise crack at one of them, and they responded with sarcasm back.  The gist of the situation was that the Mafia don wanted to congratulate us for our recent success with gifts, which at first we believed. "Wow, how nice and thoughtful of the don," we thought and maybe said. We told them we'd appreciate the gifts and to tell him we sincerely thank him.

So the two guys go back to their car (which I never saw) to get the gifts. Our house had a decent size driveway, two cars wide, and long enough for three cars per column, totaling six. It seemed like most of those spots were occupied by our various vehicles that we had at the time, but the only one I remember specifically is my red 1993 Nissan 240sx, which was parked closest to the front door, and had its hood raised (a common sight in those days haha).

The gifts were themselves were very odd, fitting for a dream. They were huge, ridiculous, thick plastic bags filled with what looked like Christmas presents. In fact, I'm pretty sure most of the boxes inside the bags were either green or red. They were not wrapped, but definitely had a Christmas vibe to them. However, being inside huge plastic bags was just strange haha. The bags were clear with maybe a few being tinted a color like dark blue, yet the plastic was so thick you couldn't actually see through them very well. The boxes inside varied in size, but most of them were standard cubes varying in size from, say, shoe boxes to small appliances.

There were at least three or four humongous bags (the size you'd imagine for Santa's bag? Maybe three times that, just silly big) and seems like several half- or quarter-sized ones. The first couple bags they brought up to the porch, which we dragged inside to the tiled foyer and piled near the door to the garage. I noticed behind me that Josh started opening the first bag and then one of the presents to see what kind of things you get from the Mafia. I looked back outside to see that the guys had gone back to the car to make another trip, so I figured I'd look inside one too. We ended up opening the boxes around the same time, and I first notice what is in mine, which was a replica WWE World Heavyweight championship belt, probably more of a collector's item quality moreso than a toy, but still I obviously found that kinda strange. I look back at Josh to see he's holding the exact same thing I am... "Definitely strange, but okay..." I thought.  Then they appeared with a couple more bags, which we took in, and repeated for a bit until we had received all of their offerings, but we didn't open any more of the boxes.

Somewhere along the way though, I started to get suspicious. After they made four or so trips, we thanked them and told them again to thank whoever their boss was (I keep saying Mafia don because I'm 90% sure that's who I remember thinking it was during the dream, but I'm not entirely sure). We came inside and closed the door, and then preceded to drag the pile of bags from the tile entrance to the center of the living room, with the intention of digging into it once the Mafia's guys had left, you know, to be polite. I remember when I was young it was rude to immediately rip into your gifts Christmas morning. So we played it cool, returned to the couch, and carried on a previous conversation.

I'm not sure if it was random or if maybe I heard a noise outside, but after a few minutes I got up and looked outside of the tall, skinny window which was next to the front door. I noticed that the two guys were still out there, and were being very suspicious. The big guy was just kinda pacing back and forth alongside the cars in our driveway, and looked like he was trying to hatch a plan. Then I watched as the little guy meanwhile climbed up onto the exposed engine of my red car, crouching under the hood and all, as if he was trying to hide there (because dream logic) waiting for their plan to unfold. I start to panic some, because something definitely isn't right. After surveying this situation, I tell Josh that something is up, and to stay away from the windows because the two guys are still out there and are acting really weird.

We start walking around crouched and quietly, back and forth between the open living room area and a bedroom which is down a short hall in the same direction as it would be to walk out the front door to the yard/driveway. The bedroom has a pretty big bay window, with large blinds on them, which were open wide. The small window near the front door also had blinds, but the smaller standard kind of blinds, which were closed except when I'd peak through using my fingers.

At some point we come to the conclusion that the Mafia is not at all happy with us and our recent success and money income, and that these two guys have been sent here to sort this whole thing out. It was confusing though, because even during the dream I remember wondering what we did to them... looking back now, I think "Was the school some front for a Mafia money-laundering operation?  Did the school actually have a large amount of money that we made off with? Dream logic?"

Josh and I eventually ended up in the bedroom, crouched down behind the wall discussing what we should do about this. At this point we must not have hand our gunhands available anymore, because the thought of fighting our way out never occurred to us. It was the more realistic feeling of there being danger outside, and you're basically defenseless especially if they did have actual weapons, not to mention an entire mafia backing them.

A little time passes, and I could hear them outside becoming more hostile. We periodically would peer out a window to see where they were and what they were doing, and eventually we noticed they were now definitely looking for us. They would look in various windows and the reason they were becoming angry is because they could no longer see us as we weren't just sitting on the couch anymore. The big guy started asking angrily where we went to. Over and over, "Where'd they go??"

As the situation started to feel more real than the gun hands part of the dream, instincts kicked in and I figured we better call the police. Luckily I realized I did have my phone in my pocket. Before I even got it out though, something strange happened.

We're still in the bedroom down the little hall, when I heard the blinds on the window near the front door being pawed at violently, and immediately I knew it was the big guy trying to get in. I then had a sudden realization that I don't think I locked the front door. The sinking feeling sank as I thought to myself, "I don't think I locked the door, that door isn't locked is it... wait, I did, didn't I? Surely I locked the door, I always do.  No... I don't think I did... all they have to do is turn the knob..."

By now though, the dream had started to unravel itself. Too many things weren't adding up, too many things were just too strange. Hiding under the hood of my car? Replica WWE belts? Giant, thick, plastic bags? A school and gunhands?


Wait a minute...

Big guy outside was just moving the blinds... which are inside...

And then I woke up.

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